Reviews: Ranma 1/ 2 Fanfictions By WFROSE

lanky's review

I'll grant the Out Of Character point, but I think that's largely the focus of a lot of his work. Instead of being used as an excuse to write generic porn or romance, he reinvents certain characters for new stories. A sort of What If, if you get my meaning. While I'll agree that a few of his stories are hit and miss, when he writes his concepts right he does it very well. And again, I'll point out the Halloween specials. At this point, they feel like mocking parodies of some of the worst stories out there, taking absurd character types and playing them pretty straight as far as Ranma's arrival at the dojo is concerned.

antvasima's review

Not to mention that his characters are recurrently very OOC (in different directions from story to story) almost to the point of pasted-on-names only for original creations, but if you can get past that, and the frequently amoral tone, he can get really funny and inventive at times. He definitely has talent, but it's been a few years and I just don't seem to actually enjoy it anymore when I tried to check out some updates some months back. The only one I remember (again, it's been a few years) having an actual problem with, to the point of not managing to read much, basically boiled down to justifying rape into something cool, admirable, and stylish, regardless of handwaving in-story rationalisation for the mind-control/date-rape drug pheromones, but then lots of fanfiction authors do that, and he's very far from the worst of them. His dark and nihilistic stories weren't my personal cup of tea though, even back then, but probably entertaining for those who like that genre.

CrypticMirror's review

Most emphatically seconded for Older and Ranma the Nympho (recommended by myself below). The first is a brilliant love story and the second is bloody hilarious.