Reviews: Professor Takamachi

So badly written it hurts

So badly written. The actual use of language is poor, dialogue is replaced with two characters sitting opposite one another, loudly reading a list of the things that are supposed to be revealed this scene. And everyone seems out of character.


It reads like it's been poorly translated from Japanese.

Very awkward phrasing, tenses, dialogue.

Remarkably Good and sets the tone for many a crossover

This story can be considered the one that sets up a lot of the crossover fanon, even when such fanon is unwarranted. However, the Nanoha here is less concerned with teaching them magic, than with teaching them that their magic is absolutely useless without them training themselves. Aside from her role as a mentor figure for the DA (again, teaching nothing) and running her DADA class into the ground, she teached them gems such as tactics and how to fight, by pitting each house against each other in competitions through mock battles.

There are some areas which could be tweaked, but a solid story overall.