Reviews: Partners

A wonderful story with no glaring problems

Ouf of the many stories I've read of this type (you know, post movie, new case along with WildeHopps) this is easily one of the best. Story and characters, setting and dialogue are all great with a lot of thought and effort put into them.

Judy and Nick are great and their voices are spot on. The relationship between them builds slowly and subtly, balancing well while the plot is still the main focus.

Supporting characters are great, along with several new characters. All feel realistic and well grounded within the Zootopian universe, though I can't say I really liked any of them too much.

With the exception of the villain. Unlike most stories of this type, the villain makes a lot of sense and is done in a similar way to Bellwether in the movie - but executed so well that I ended up feeling for them by the end.

As for the stigma against pred/prey relationships, it doesn't get explored too much but it is an interesting take on the setting. Though I'm pretty sure the full effects are to come in a following story.

Great story, definitely recommended. One of the highest quality stories I've ever read.