Reviews: Osaka Vs The Space Monster

Comment by Selryam

A fascinating mix of genres in this trilogy: between the delightful Azumanga-style humor, the wacky antics of our favorite characters, the action-packed slugfests between giant monsters, the touching moments of friendship juxtaposed with drama and subtle darkness... Well, it all comes together to make one helluva fanfic. Seriously, Zoltan packs a lot into these fics, but they're wrapped up in a nice, familiar Azumanga-ish feeling. And he never really loses focus on the main characters, despite using a bunch of side characters. A must-read for any fan.

Comment by Fish Called Waldo

Strangely, makes it work. Correction: Osaka vs The Space Monster and Azugirls vs The Black Hole get quite depressing despite the moments of humor, but it still holds together pretty well. Includes, like practically every Azumanga Daioh work, hints of downright obvious Yuri Genre.