Reviews: Off The Edge Of The Map

Inspirational Adventure-Romance

Pros: This story combines a thrilling adventure and endearing romance into a single piece of literary ingenuity. While the actual writing is by no means flawless, it is still far exceeding the standards of good fanfiction. The character behavior is consistent with the show, and the flow and timing are superb. The romance doesn't seem to evolve prematurely as it does in many similar fics, and it certainly does not interfere with the epic journey. I enjoyed reading it so much, in fact, that I have decided to myself try my hand at an Adventure-Romance.

Cons: Chapters are too long (anything OVER 9,000 words as my rule of thumb). Honestly, that's the only real complaint I have. It really can make it a bitch to find your place if you have to stop reading in the middle of a chapter.

Overall: Splendid