Reviews: Object Lesson

Fish Called Waldo's review

Toph's, erm, quent-essential nature is a little off-putting — Seriously, "I'ma gonna fuck you up, bitchbender"? — and the semi-reveal that Azula was caught trying to kill her father instead of leaving it vague make it a bit hard to swallow for me. Aang, Sokka and Azula are spot on though. Toph, like I said, is a bit too much like a Samuel L. Jackson-wannabe that's trying too hard, although sometimes she's in character. Katara is vaguely in character, although she doesn't seem to have too much of a role in later chapters.

Extraintrovert's review

Such a scenario is made plausible while everyone's personalities remain wholly unchanged, resulting in almost palpable enmity, some... unorthodox training methods, and one astounding Melee A Trois in chapter three.