Reviews: Nothing But Trouble

Not to be taken seriously or internally

A very funny story subverts the idea of Naruto becoming a drinking womanizing badass. include: [[PsychoLesbian Rumiko's inability to get laid, the destruction caused by Naruto's genin (and anyone trained by him) and Naruto's inhumanity. If you want serious story about Naruto strking out on his own and Konoha attempting to bring him back... look somewhere else. While having a fairly solid plot, it's still pure crack.

By Frodo Lives

It is Naruto as a weird alcoholic version of the Hulk - "Don't make me sober. You won't like me when I am sober." Initial impressions of Naruto is that is he is an alcohol man-slut, but as the story goes along, the camo wears away and the Complete Monster underneath starts to come into view ie Mr Fox.