Reviews: No Reading

Bad Crossover.

Its a bad Fic. With no offense to comment before before but...

Its sucks.

Its sucks so bad is not even funny.

No reading is one of the most unbalanced, badly written Marvel/Naruto fic this troper has ever read.

Let me give you a few examples: Wolverine managed to overpowered Naruto in two seconds, while destroying his clones, taking him by surprise and subdued him instantly with his claws.

Naruto is nearly an A-class — S-class Nin. His velocity is enough to make him a dangerous opponent, let alone his other attributes. The problem is not that Wolverine defeated him; is the way he was defeated. It was so easy, so fast (and the reaction of Naruto so unbelievable non-canon) that make it look nerfed. Yes, he had the experience (as pointed by the Author) but so do Naruto. He had faced some of the most deadly Shinobi alive and come victorious/non dead. A single opponent could posses all the abilities of the X-men and the experience and brutality to use it in ways that would make Deadpool proud.

And Naruto was intimidated by Claws.... Hurt...So...Much.

Okay, definition of nerfed: When a character/class/race is brought down to the enjoyment/fair play in a game or a story, many times with the contrary result and causing strife in the community, more so of those who used said character/class/race.

Want to make Marvel Universe pown Naruto Verse? Awesome.

But must be satisfactory, dramatic, at the very least to give them a sporting change. The way the fights are done is completely dull and seems more like watching a Tabletop Game and some people are throwing the dice... a very dull Tabletop game. This troper can almost literally see the numbers in the characters when they face attack against attack.

Mainly I would say the Fic don't know how to make a crossover without incurring in imbalance, without going gushing Shipping one character or another or (and where my money go) it confuse backstory with justification.

The rest is not very good. The action seems forced. The personalities are wooden. The way Logan act is just so... bizarre, like he is in character and the next moment is the author talking.

And It gets Worse.

If you want a good written, well thought, non wanking crossover Fic, No reading is the furthest thing you would want to read.

I Enjoyed This

I had a fun time reading through this. Naruto is a little powered down at first but this is intensional in order to keep the story balanced. So instead of super hero, Naruto's stats are merely somewhere just below peak human. He still kicks ass. I mean it. Crowning Moment of Awesome: The 2nd to last chapter, once you read it you will agree.

Its not funny but its entertaining and I read it straight without really being able to stop myself. The action is great, the fights scene are really fun to read, being so well written.

Its a Naruto/Harem (consisting of X-23, Butterfly and Mercury) but its not a badly written as most all. Most have random woman just falling in love left and right. The relations, for the most part develop pretty realistically and according to their personas. Like i love how Layla just knows that she already likes Naruto because well.... "she knows stuff".

It also has Deadpool in it, you really can't go wrong there.

So good action, characters are written well and it better reading this than the actual Civil War comics. So check it out.