Reviews: Naruto Arcane Heart

Nothing Special

Naruto: Arcane Heart is about the adventures of a magic ninja named Precia Testerossa in the Naruto universe. Precia is supposedly the same character from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, but despite repeatedly referring to events from this other Precia's life, has nothing in common with the other Precia aside from loving her daughter Alicia.

Precia the OC Stand In, after surviving her fall into nothingness, awakens to find herself in Konoha. What's more, Alicia is suddenly alive and well again. So Precia decides to become a ninja. She is tested by the jounin of the village and is given the rank of chunin off the bat thanks to using magic, despite not having any ninja training and everyone present knowing that. She then proceeds to make jounin rank in under four years, remove her reliance on magic, uncover a conspiracy in the Genin Academy, kill Danzo, adopt Naruto in all but name, invent her own jutsus, and feel bad about how she treated Fate before the start of the fic and her personality being completely rewritten.

Meanwhile, Alicia the other OC Stand In becomes Naruto's first friend, shows him Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann, gets the classes reformed to such an extent that Shikamaru actually starts paying attention, makes Hinata the rookie of the year by punching her in the face, masters Raiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, and generally steals the show whenever Precia isn't stealing it.

Overall, this is basically your run of the mill fic where O Cs steal the spotlight and are improbably awesome, except they overwrite Alicia and Precia instead of using actual O Cs. Precia blatantly ignores her own past whenever she isn't stopping to angst about Alicia finding out about it, which leads to more than a few hypocritical moments on her part. Like how she's offended at a certain town's mistreatment of a certain innocent child. Or how Danzo considers ninjas tools with no worth as a person. Interesting potential plots are ignored for the sake of advancing the story, and Precia is a borderline Mary Sue the whole time. I read for a while to see if it would improve, but stopped midway through chapter 6.

From comments

  • Comments: Basically, the fic follows the Gaang's adventures, travelling with Team Seven, through the later half of Book 2 to the first chapter of Book 3. The Naruto/Hinata comes on later, at Chapter 13 is when they officially become a couple, and of course Aang/Katara is there and a slight change happens in chapter 21 of the story when Katara initiates their first real kiss when they find him on the Fire Temple Island. It has spawned an Alternate Universe fanfic, which is Darker And Edgier than the original by Dalen Berensten aka FictionReader98 The Third Choice and the now sequel to the fic, Bending the Jutsu Into the Inferno that has been recently put up.
    • Note by Horngeek- as Into the Inferno has not been updated for over a year, it's probably a Dead Fic.
    • Word Of God says that the author lost all her progress when her computer died.