Reviews: More Tales From The Black Millenium

It had to happen eventually.

Between 2009 and 2010, actually, and for a Dead Fic it ends at a pretty hilarious Cliff Hanger. Even though the Khale is clearly writing this as a Blackadder fic instead of something for the Cain archive (compare time spent on switching POVs), the very concept makes the fic a win for the latter. Yes, as the title suggests, this is a continuation of a previous fic involving Blackadder as a Guard Colonel (with all characters in proper roles). Yes, we have Amberley's footnotes, anyway. Insert one source of comedy here. Insert more and more as the story goes on, complete with at least one cackle-inducing Memetic Mutation Shout Out per chapter. The story is in keeping with either 'verse, Khale clearly understands his source material, the Snark is palpable... and frankly, there are worse ways to spend thirty minutes than laughing at Blackadder stuck on a ship with his spiritual descendent. The editor would apparently suggest escaping Khornate Berzerkers in an abandoned Land Speeder.