Reviews: Marriage of Haruhi Suzumiya

A truly lousy fic that dodges being awful, but is by no means 'good'.

Choose an element of writing, and this fic does a poor job of it. I don't care what element you name, but it'll be done badly.

Characterization is lousy, at best, with characters tending to be two dimensional imitations of themselves. Plotting and pacing are probably the worst parts, but it's hard to have them compete with the the lousy/blandness of everything else that's going on, and that, in turn, is overshadowed by poor grammar, bad spelling....

The most fascinating part about this fic is that people seem to think it's good, in any way. It's barely more than a summary of, "Kyon wakes up and is married to Haruhi," with fluff tacked on. That actually wouldn't be so bad, except that the exact same premise has been part of other (and better) fics, to the point that it's a cliche. If this were a better treatment of the idea, that'd be novel and worthwhile, but as it stands?

Nope. Poorly written, poorly executed, and poorly delivered. Any element you can think of is rushed. You thought the marriage (entirely offscreen, naturally, thanks to Haruhi) was fast? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Other than invoking confused but mild amusement, the fic isn't actually terrible enough to be So Bad Its Good, nor is it only a little bad, so that if you're willing to overlook it the story's enjoyable. It's sort of a mediocre, idealized lousy, where no one part of it is so awful it invokes genuine disgust or irritation, or so tolerable it invokes anything beyond bemusement.

Unless you read the reviews on The fact that people think that this is 'good' is the real depressing part, as I'm personally divided between this being genuine badness, or an incredibly clever troll who put substantial effort into being bad without being awful.

I wouldn't suggest actually reading this story to anyone.