Reviews: Highway Cloudbusting

Comment by desir

This story made my heart ache in the best possible way. Rec'd x 1000.

Comment by Anonymous

4th'd. I have to agree that both England and America are (painfully) in character, which I just have to admire cause most USUK fics make me have to handwave OOCness on the part of America, England or both. It is very hard to find Hetalia serious fics which doesn't make me review the Alternate Character Interpretation page.

Comment by Anonymous

Third'd happily. The writing is smooth, and flows easily with the dialogue. The fact England's own side to the relationship is only ever implied and we never get to see inside his head as much as America's both detracts and adds to the story: on one hand you're not quite, 100%, entirely sure the attraction is mutual between them until near the end which can make the reader squirm, but on the other hand, it's the position America finds himself in, and really heightens the tension in the relationship. Since you don't quite (completely, entirely, 100%) have knowledge of England's feelings, you really follow America's dithering with worry, even when the implications are getting really obvious, you're still left feeling a bit terrified - much like America, who is very much the POV character. Excellent portrayal of butterfly nerves.

Comment by Anonymous

Absolutely seconded. This fic is painfully in character, and avoids one of the pitfalls of most USUK fics, where America and England are suddenly together and everything is shiny awesome. The flaws are there, and relationship issues tend to be handled realistically, which is a lovely breath of fresh air.

Comment by K1M333

In my opinion, this story is a must for any USUK shipper who likes emotional stories. Firstly, the story itself is captivating. For 11 chapters, you follow England and America in their roadtrip as they try to come to terms with the feelings they harbour for each other. Expect funny bickering, sweet heart-to-heart moments and painful arguments, for a roller-coaster of emotions. Secondly, the characterisation is amazing. The author keeps in mind the flaws and qualities of the country personifications as well as their past histories, which renders them incredibly complex and lively. Thirdly, the writing is skillful and poignant, almost poetic in its style and its rhythm. You don't only read this story; you feel it too!