Reviews: Heir Apparent

Good, but it has its problems

Not going to sugarcoat anything here. This story is decent, but full of issues. The entire concept of the "soul mates" is overdone, riddled with holes and Unfortunate Implications, and reeks of a plot device solely to ship characters the way the author wants instead of allowing for any romantic tension.

Also, the author has a serious hard-on for over-powering characters he likes *coughSHUNSUIcough*, and killing off or devaluing characters he doesn't. He kills off half the damn cast in the first chapter and only Ukitake is someone he states as liking. He also tends to judge often on appearances, and get very caught up in his own theories instead of allowing for interpretations. His entire writing style smacks of "this is the way I want things, so deal with it".

However, the powers of characters are well-written and developed, and the plot points are interesting for the most part. The villains are a logical step with canon, and he called several plot points ahead of their time. It's worth a read, and you'll probably enjoy parts of it. But that's about all.

Tom's review

Following Ukitake's death, Ichigo becomes the captain of the 13th - and as it turns out, he's a member of the Royal Family. He deals with all the problems that follow. In the background, certain enemies wronged by the Shinigami prepare to strike at them once again. Overall, a great novel-length story.