Reviews: Half A Millenium

Delilah's Review

This fic is full of both Heartwarming moments and Tearjerking ones, which brilliantly weave in actual history at the same time. Though the most obvious 'villain' here is England, he isn't so 2D due to his own underlying insecurities about his once-colony America. China here echoes Real Life in which he was beaten around for about a hundred years especially in the later chapters makes a whole Tearjerker itself. The relationships between the East Asian siblings was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author later on.

Comment by AkatsukiDaybreak

Provides great characterization and interesting insights into the thoughts and motivations of the characters. There are many heartwarming moments (at least initially), but it becomes sad and very dark as it progresses. Updates frequently and nearly complete. Moved from shipping fics because of events of some of the more recent chapters.