Reviews: Electric Eldritch Eidolon

A rather good sci-fi story, but a good Zootopia story? Well...

After following this story for 35 chapters now, I can say that it is an interesting and entertaining sci-fi, government conspiracy story.

However, it's been losing its flavor as a Zootopia story for a while now. The government corruption associated with the conspiracy has become so heavily Noir that the idealism of Zootopia is all but gone. The characters in the story are becoming more archetypal placeholders and less their actual Zootopia counter-parts. Bogo's the long-suffering, gruff police chief trying to hold onto ideals that no longer have government support. Judy is the kind-hearted but fiercely determined female police officer trying to help and do the right thing even as she's finding herself getting in ever more over her head. Nick is the cowardly, con-man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and is now caught up in a situation beyond his control with a living MacGuffin in his chest and suffering greatly for it (seriously, fans of watching Nick suffer will enjoy this tale). At this point in the story the fact that the characters are animals has become increasingly irrelevant to the growing mythos of the Origins/Eidolons.

I'll probably continue reading as I'm curious how it's going to resolve, but at this point in the story, I feel Nick and Judy could be replaced by Mulder and Sculley and it wouldn't seem much different. To me, it really doesn't feel like a Zootopia story any more, just a pretty cool sci-fi story.