Reviews: Domina Esques

Elizabeth and her story

God, when I first read the first chapter, I was hooked. You can't even believe how so many characters are in-character for once and with a story plot that could satisfy anyone who loves horror and mysteries.

Elizabeth has grown up to be a young woman trying to understand her stance and position with her fiancee Ciel, who hasn't changed at all except his appearance. He's still the cold and distant Earl who always pushes Elizabeth away at the slightest notion of being the Queen's Watchdog.

The way the author characterizes Sebastian is how it should be: a seemingly devoted servant with a dark, mysterious, and evil aura surrounding this man. Paula's role in the story expands from being just Lizzy's loyal maid to being a straight out badass with training from her Mistress.

Add in the author's OC's like the charming Theodore and his mysterious sister, Felicity, the rebellious, Irish girl Collen, meek and shy Rebecca Beddor, the bookworm Stephen, and so many more, the reader gets a cast that aren't just O Cs, they move the plot and have so much characterization, you WILL cry, laugh, scream in horror and anger, and even smile at Lizzy's interactions with all of them.


The way the author goes with Lizzy's and Ciel's relationship is that they both know that they have changed, but don't realize it at first. Ciel refuses to see Lizzy other than the little girl he had to protect when he was young, only to find Lizzy wanting to protect him. It takes a FORCED fencing match and so many fights between them, until Ciel begins to realize that she isn't the cute, innocent Lizzy he once knew back then.

Everyone's in character and the author dives deep into how Elizabeth is trying to come to terms with Ciel's background as the Queen's Watchdog and where she fits into all of it.

The plot thickens later on when we find that Theodore and his sister are working with some mysterious man called the Director, his motives for taking people's souls is currently unknown.

THEN add in the Shinigami, the Queen's bodyguards, Lau and his companion Ran-Mao, and the Undertaker and you get one HELL of a fanfiction that's still continuing.

With over 1,000K reviews, I'd say that it's one of the most reviewed fanfics in the Kuroshitsuji section EVER. Even if you don't like the pairing Lizzy X Ciel, then please give it a chance.

Comment by Anonymous

Agreed. Silk Hiding Steel doesn't begin to describe Lizzie this story. Chapter 7 is now legendary.

Comment by Little Miss Sophie

It's a lovely story that really shows Lizzie's character. Take her badass from chapter 57, multiply it by 10 and remove the childish side of her. That's the Lizzie in this. And she's magnificent.