Reviews: Differing Paths

Comment by Dimesocket

This story is formatted terribly. There is a whole lot of telling, and very little showing. I don't doubt that the author could write if he wanted to, but he has a ways to go. I can't recommend this story.

Comment by vaguelyyaoilookingcatboy

f you're one of those people who complains about the Darker and Edgier nature of Tv Tropes' own WMG page for this, do not read. Basically a Shout Out-laden Dark Fic taking place in a timeline where everyone gets messed up. Most of the fic's charm comes from taking every character's personality traits Up to Eleven. Tomo goes from a Jerkass to a Nightmare Fuel-level comedic sociopath, Osaka goes from a Cloudcuckoolander to being a Hikikomori who, as the fic puts it, spends her days watching TV and staring at the walls. Also, the fic gets a great deal of fun from it's near-constant Mood Whiplash. As the number of tags in the past paragraph may suggest, it is Troperiffic.