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Didn't like it.
The whole concept of the story just felt really... not like Naruto at all. In this fic, despite there apparently being no real differences between this setting and the Naruto canon, apparently here Orochimaru is a wise and benevolent leader, the Sound ninja of Oto are a bunch of really cool dudes, Tayuya is a soppy, dere-dere romantic and Konoha is SO utterly lame, dude. It was all tell and no show and I was never really convinced that there was any reason why Naruto would remorselessly betray Konoha, resulting in its annihilation and the massacre of its people. I just couldn't suspend my disbelief that much. It basically just made him seem like a treacherous, backstabbing, shallow, petty douche and completely undermined the character. This fic simply doesn't work.
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A good though short read. Kinda mind screwy if you think too much.
Basically, Naruto as a child is sent on a deep cover mission to spy on Orochimaru. After years as a Sound nin, he's given a mission to replace one of Konoha's spies and feed them false information, making him a Leaf agent pretending to be a Sound agent pretending to be a Leaf agent pretending to be a Sound agent. Even more of a mind screw if one tries to determine if Orochimaru is aware of this or not. Now Naruto faces the dilemma of whether to be loyal to his place of birth or his home of the last four years.
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