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Comment by Studious Jones
Seconded by Studious Jones. This is my favorite NCIS fic yet. Everything is well done and believable. Unlike a lot of stories that use Rape as Backstory, it is useful to the plot and doesn't seem like it was just thrown in. Really a must read.
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Comment by Across The Stars
In addition to the slash, Tony's given a backstory that actually makes sense - and while I highly doubt that it's actually canon, it is, perhaps, the best hurt/comfort fic I've ever read... and I've read a lot of them. It clocks in at four hundred pages on Word (it took me seventeen minutes to copy the whole thing so I could save it offline for the journey home) but it is well, well worth the read. Easily the best Di Nozzo fic I've read, and while it's definitely slashy, there isn't too much pr0n. A must-read for any Tony-lovers and Tibbs slashers.
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