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The best fan story about the coyote Antoine from Sonic so far
They arn't so many fan stories that are about the coyote Antoine from Satam/Archie comics but here is one that he's not only the main character but it's also a story that isn't some half-assed oneshot but a pretty developed one. The story takes the character and the universe he's setting on into a darker and more mature twist in a way you wouldn't expect an fan-made story about Antoine go into, creating a suspensive plot that make you crave for more chapters. The plot is a "what if" kind of plot there if Elias and Amadeus didn't made up the agreements in issue 179, but instead Amadeus lost and the Acorns as a results of the revolution have become more oppressive. Antoine, in here the dude who stopped Amadeus from succeding, which caused much loating from the people toward him, gets a promotion to become Elias' chief officer and journey with him to the Sand Busters in order to attack the Dark Egg Legion stationed on the desert. Through the chapters, the stresses, the social isolation, the loating from his fellow men and the disillusion of the Acorns' policies and the Freedom Fighters' ways of fighting the war starts to get to Antoine until his mind slowly loses itself into insanity and primal instincts for blood. A must read for any Antoine fan, or just a fan for insanity-themed stories in general.

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