Reviews: Behind The Mask

Comment by Anonymous

I totally second. I cannot get enough of this story. The story is unique and amazing. Anyone looking for a good read should defiantly read this. The characterisations are handled so well I cannot but agree with how shes handled everyone in the fic so far-and I can't wait for more.

Comment by Rita689

At time of writing, has 30 chapters and 500 reviews at Basically, England tries to commit suicide (we gradually learn why) and doesn't quite succeed (note that this isn't in the dark fic section, however-it's not fluff, but it's not quite as dark as one would guess from the beginning chapters), leaving him chibi-ized, amnesiac (not just of his own memory-he's completely forgotten all the other countries as well), and in the care of his brothers (who have to substitute for him at UN meetings while this whole thing is going on...). They end up passing England around to stay with countries he has history with in the hope that he'll regain his memories. He starts to-violent ones first. The part of the fic that is written so far focuses on England's attempts to understand the world and how he fits in it-and how he's influenced by all the countries he stays with. I put this here for the plot, which is complex and interesting, with symbolism and other advanced writing techniques present, and my little summary doesn't really do it justice. However, the author speaks five different languages (meaning that there will be foreign languages, though the author has decided to stop this or translate them within the actual fic as of chapter 29), and English is not their native one. Spelling is generally fine, but there will be grammar errors. I felt these don't detract enough to deny it a spot here, so here it is.