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Boring god mode naruto.
Spoilers ahoy! Don't worry, nothing in the fic is really worth feeling spoiled over anyways. I'll say this before I get into the spoilers: This fic fails my most important test: It has way too many words/interesting event. So far there have been 75,000 words. Still waiting on an interesting event.

In this fanfic, the entire village conspires to ruin Naruto's life, but he perseveres, and discovers all the cool things Kage Bushin can do, including creating a complete and accurate copy of the Forbidden Scroll, allowing him to learn numerous techniques that are just perfect for the fighting style you know the author wants him to have. Unfortunately for whoever would like to see these fights (I don't, but maybe some will), they'll likely never happen, because in 14 chapters and 75,000 words, Naruto still hasn't graduated from the academy yet. No, those words are spent with Iruka learning just how special and oppressed a genius Naruto is, while naru.

It's a real shame though, because at least some of the concepts are cool, and could be interesting if not bogged down by all the blatant god moding: Naruto infiltrating the academy with some advanced clones, or just becoming an infiltration specialist with a kage bushin spy network. All of these are interesting concepts. But these interesting concepts are never used to create an interesting event. Just more +1s in whatever stat column the author wants to max for Naruto.
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Really Good
I'm shocked by the fact that there aren't any good reviews of this fanfic. I, for one, thought the plot took an unoriginal idea and made it unique in its own way. Naruto doesn't seem to be God-Moding; rather, he is improving at the required pace for both the original material as well as the plot as a whole. True, there are times where Naruto does seem a bit overpowered, but the author makes sure to show how Naruto managed to gain so much power in a short amount of time. Not many Powerful!Naruto fics do this; they jut give him bucket loads of power and ability without showing the process of him gaining this power. The author not only manages to do this, but he/she also manages to keep the whole process original and fun to read.

One of the things I love the most about this fic was the fact that everyone was in character. The characters mentioned in this fic managed to stay true to their original source material, all the while justifying the personality changes that were made due to Character Development.

Speaking of the characters, I loved all of the O Cs and the clones. I know I'm not supposed to, but I honestly can't help it. The writer is so very good at creating his/her own original characters in this fic. The clones in particular are my favorite. I love how he/she gives them their own distinct personalities. It's a far cry from how most other stories treat the clones. Here, they're actually treated as people and their own distinct characters.

I could go on and on about how unbelievably awesome this story is, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cut it short. (I have to go to bed in a few minutes; school ya know.) My final thoughts on the subject? Read it. Trust me, you will not regret it.
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  • Comments: Its a young fic at the moment (23/05/10) so we donít know if it will fall to God Mode Sue yet but itís a very good exploration of what can be achieved with near limitless man(clone)-power and has a lot of potential.
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