Reviews: 444 Things Im Not Allowed To Do In Amestris

Amestris will never recover...

The rules by themselves are incredibly funny as they are written in a tone that is somehow formal, dead serious, and downright sarcastic all at once, while displaying the most ridiculously hysterical suggestions. Then there are the explanations and side stories, which bring the hilarity level up to side-splitting. The author never seems to run out of creative scenarios. As a bonus, it contains no swearing, and very little crude humor or sexual implications, so it is safe for all audiences.

Comment by Silver Thorn

Almost everything on the list is new and original, poking fun at one silly part of the series or fanbase and/or referencing pop culture. There are also running gags like Envy being a brony, a prank war between Roy and Ed alongside affectionate parodying of parental Roy Ed (only in later chapters), and Father having a profile on eHarmony. Pure humor, yet everyone is somehow pretty much in character. It's also updated weekly, which is a plus.