Reviews: The Dusk Guard Saga

A Personal Favorite

This book, for it truely is a book, is incredible. It is action packed and has many diverse characters from different backgrounds and view points. Each of the characters experiance different dificulties and trials that they overcome by learning to trust and depend on others. The plot in this book is as realistic as MLP fanfics can get. There are many turns and twists as each and every character developes and changes throughout the story.

Responsibility and trust are major themes throughout the story as well.

All seriousness left behind, I absolutely LOVED this book! The characters are extremely relatable, and I can see myself in all of them (mainly in their flaws *sigh*) and can sypathize with the members of the team. Each victory had me cheering and each loss had me rooting for them. This book is just plain awesome, about 10 out of 10 rainbooms awesome! It was funny in all of the right parts and sad in others. The characters were ALWAYS in character and fit the story perfectly! This book is definitely a book worth fangirling over-and trust me, I'm fangirling! Thank you for writing this book, I can't wait for the next!