Reviews: Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon

A Very Wonderful Fan Series

I came across this out of boredom and curiosity, and it's one of the very few fan fics I managed to finish reading all the way through, it's that good! It subverts a lot of common Pretty Cure cliches, wittily lampshades some cliche and overused anime tropes, has very interesting villains, some cool plot twists, a very dynamic cast of characters (from the main duo, their classmates, to the villains), and a lot of great themes and messages, my favorite being the Be Yourself message. My only gripe with it is that sometimes I couldn't quite follow what the villains were doing, and could hardly tell which one was which, especially in the flashback sequences save for Binbeat, and there were some things that turned me off but didn't hurt the story (the underwear stealing episode) nor was it over-the-top. I really wish this were an actual anime series, as it'd be a great addition to the Pretty Cure canon!