Reviews: Wildflowers

Outsider's review

A definite AU if nothing else, Wildflower is essentially taking the main cast and parts of the story of Card Captor Sakura, and transplanting them to the setting of Firefly, with some minor pieces taken from The X-Files, and Star Wars (specifically, the rustbucket nature of the ship is more based on the Millenium Falcon than it is Serenity, which is heavily ironic, considering that Joss Whedon himself has stated that the Millenium Falcon was the main inspiration for the ship, and in some ways the nature of, Serenity and Firefly); and one major setting piece inspired by X-men. In all honesty, I found this one the best pieces of reading early on when I was first getting into fanfiction as a whole, and it is still one of my absolute favorites of all time. I've read it numerous times, each with a bit more of the setting knowledge under my belt, and each time I've found it to have new and even more interesting meaning. It is worth noting that Peacewish can be a bit heavy handed with her political leanings and views, but unless you read the Author's Notes than you probably won't even notice the political messages behind anything. Anything, that is, save for her OC Eric. This troper had no problem with him, he's not what I would call a Mary Sue, and he's not a self-insert either, but he does explicitly share Peacewish's political views, and as such when he talks about them they're often given extra weight and presented as right. Still, none of it is too out there or in your face, so it's not too bad. The fic itself and the story however, is very fun, though it does rely on one major coincidence at one point, it otherwise flows well enough and is nicely in character, provided you take into account that everyone is 4 or so years older than in CCS and the changes wrought by the setting.