Tropers / Outsiderthe Troper

Hi. If you've somehow stumbled your way into here, it's probably best you be leaving quickly. This is the page for the Troper and sometime Contributor known as Outsider. This Troper is not really a very social person, and is also paranoid and egotistical enough to be watching this page. So be warned! Otherwise, there's nothing to say that cannot be found on This Troper's fan fiction . net profile, under the penname Withdrawn (This Troper's first choice, which was apparently already taken.)
  • If you're wondering why the page is called Outsider the Troper, it's because Outsider was taken (and This Troper is not bitter at all, This Troper swears... mostly... kind of... sometimes... if This Troper is having a good day... and wearing blue... and it's Tuesday... maybe.
  • You will probably notice a certain level of cruelty to the ellipse. Hah hah hah!
  • That is all.