Reviews: Touch

Willbyr's review

Another good read from Random1377, although I was a little confused as to what exactly was going on at the very end. The Ritsuko/Gendo material might seem a little over the top, but I never thought that it was completely unbelievable. The decidedly eerie and sinister spin on the relationship between Rei and Kaworu is a nice change as well; I can't recall a fic that's handled them in quite this manner.

Sneebs' review

Interesting and well-written if somewhat trite piece. Shinji and Rei are intriguing to read, but Gendo lingers painfully close to a Complete Monster. Worth reading for fun, although not the crown jewel of fanfiction.

D Mint's review

This is one of the best Shinji/Rei stories. It also gets into the Ritsuko/Gendo relationship only mentioned in passing on the TV series itself and shows how the couples are twisted mirrors of each other.