Reviews: Taking Sights

Worth the time

Taking Sights is fantastic. Seriously. It takes a Gendo who genuinely wants to change the course of events, but goes about doing so the only way he knows how: Manipulating the shit out of everyone around him. He's a bad, bad man who's trying to do good, and half of the story is about it blowing up in his face because people are confused about his actions and motives.

Of special note is the interactions between Fuyutsuki and Gendo. There is some dark, dark humour between the two men and their fatalism regarding their situation and the interplay they share are some of the highlights of the story.

However, by far the best piece of writing in the story is Gendo slapping down Shinji's attempt at a Shut Up Hannibal, when the latter calls Gendo out on his manipulations. I never thought I'd cheer to see Gendo tear down Shinji, but I did. And it was all done in a believable context in the story, and the sheer awesomeness of the way it's delivered (and Fuyutsuki's reaction) is priceless.

If you haven't read it yet, you really need to start.

Sneebs' review

Worth the time. Some overuse of Trope Words can be mildly distracting to Wiki-ites, but by examining that cold and monstrous man known as Gendo Ikari in such a way to make the reader not loath him and (dare I say it?) actually feel sympathetic towards his plight clearly makes up for this. Also noteworthy was a disturbingly insightful look into how the minds of Angels work: the scenes told from Sachiel's perspective are fascinating. Recommended.