Reviews: The Death Of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Death of Haruhi Suzumiya

If you're a transhumanist, if you believe we could do far, far better than the world we have, do not read this fanfic. Spoilers now.

I didn't finish reading this. When I saw where the ending was going, I stopped. Haruhi remade the world into one where people had nothing to worry about. The lack of hardships was enough to make people wish they were capable of suicide. Rather strange considering how little hardship they'd have had in that period of time, and the fact that Shamishen, Kyon's cat, had this problem despite never facing hardships before.

I know very will that life without challenges will be boring, but the way things are now isn't the answer. The fact is, you don't have to be God to make a world. Blizzard managed it. They have some idea of what it takes. It involves a threat of dying, and having go all the way back to your body. Some games punish you more, but you can still keep playing the game. A few are worse still, but you can just play a different game. Nobody wants to die. Also, the rewards and punishments in real life don't match up with what people are built for. If you mess up, it should hurt you immediately, not possibly effect your performance review in a few months.


I just want to add: I don't think the fanfic is bad. I just had a feeling of revulsion due to being ideologically opposed. I think it's the sort of thing that could make me a hater if I didn't realize the problem was largely on my end. If you're not a transhumanist and you don't have to worry about the revulsion, go ahead and read it.

Reaches at times, but portays the majority of the cast very well

This story shows some of the signs you would expect from a new writer; things like small formatting/spelling issues, and later some possible plotting/pacing concerns. I'm not actually positive it's an early/first attempt, but it does bear almost all of the hallmarks.

The story is a relatively straightforward premise, and (I feel) actually captures an element of Haruhi that many don't stop to consider. One of the interesting (and easily overlooked) factors of this story is the motive for Haruhi doing what she does (unintentionally). This is someone who wants to 'win', at life and 'do everything', right?

Well ... where does that lead?

That's what this story asks. It answers that question in a surprising way.

Now, admittedly, only about the first two thirds, maybe three quarters of the story is about this (possibly, a little longer). It starts out with a straightforward premise, and feels like it adheres to it very strongly. Right around the climax (to try and avoid spoilers ... your opinion of where that is could be moved up or down a full chapter, depending), the story does take an unexpected shift.

That's to say ... the author takes the story in an interesting direction, but one that feels very abrupt. Almost like reading a different story, actually. This is probably a sign of the author not being entirely certain how he actually wanted to end it until that point. I feel this could have been better delivered/foreshadowed, and admit that story suffers a little for the handling of that element, but the damage is not so great that the story cannot be enjoyed.

And right up until then, the author does a surprisingly good job of keeping the cast very much in character! That twist doesn't ... really bash on or flanderize any characters, but it is surprising, and I could see readers being unsettled/disappointed by that. This is also where the expected romantic conclusion is suddenly averted.

After that the story does somewhat trail off into a slower, somewhat shambling conclusion, with a denoument that was probably a bit too long and detailed (an unusual complaint from me).

But despite all of that, it does have an easygoing, relaxing style, so I ended up really enjoying it anyway. Your mileage may vary, naturally.