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Absolutely Brilliant
Gosh, where do I begin? I guess it all started when I became a brony (or pegasister, whichever term you prefer for a female fan of MLP) Summer 2012. I was looking through various fanfics and the first story, "Light in the Dusk", caught my eye. I instantly loved it. It's just like the show except with some tweaks, add-ons, and of course Dusk Noir! I could really relate to Dusk and I followed the story, always looking forward to more (and still looking forward to more). Dusk is like the only OC that I can completely picture in the show itself, because he's just that perfect. He fits in well with the Mane 6 and Spike (something definitely not easy to do) and Alpha The Griffin 17 has a way of just keeping your attention with his fantastic writing skills and plot twists. For anyone looking for a good read, I highly recommend the Dusk series. It's my favorite!
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