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Started out great, became notably less so over time
This is a perfect example of a story that grew much too big for its own good. The first story, Living with Danger, was great — maybe Danger and Aletha were somewhat Mary Sue-ish, the treatment of the Dursleys and Lucius Malfoy didn't really work, and the song lyrics (or awkward write-arounds of song lyrics in the version) were annoying, but overall the story was a cute and clever AU which made good use of its characters and stood up to repeated readings.

The problem began with the follow-ups, which took on the canon plots — and in most cases made them far less interesting. There were a few neat twists, but most of them seemed to involve the Pride getting new powers or Deus Ex Machina advantages (the Hogwarts Den, the wish-granting pearls, the prophecies, the awful "Heirs of the Founders" twist with its extra-special-much-better-than-Parseltongue powers), and too much time and attention was dedicated to showing how much happier/better off the characters were compared to canon.

Quite frankly, and like most AU fanfiction that tries to "fix" canon issues and make everyone better and happier, it got dull. The longer the story went on, the less interesting it grew — and it didn't help that the kids lost most of their original charm as they grew older; as small children and pre-teens they were adorable, but as teenagers they just weren't much fun to read about; and the "Pack/Pride" thing, which was genuinely cute when they were small became a weird mix of Tastes Like Diabetes cutesy and annoyingly elitist.

I managed to keep interested through Living Without Danger, but by Dealing With Danger I was getting bored, even though the author seemed to have realized she'd made the protagonists too powerful, and started having a lot of bad things happen to good people to up the ante and make it more suspenseful. By that time it was too late, though, because... well, I'd stopped caring what happened to these people. When one of my favorite characters died in Facing Danger and I didn't care at all, I realized that I'd completely lost interest.

All in all, I think the Dangerverse would have worked better if it had dared to stray more from canon and not tried to retell all seven HP books. Because that first story was adorable.
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First book was OK but in second - nothing interesting happens for 14 chapters!
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