Reviews: Boomerang

A version of Boomerang that doesn't need a special subscription still comes at a price!

I personally don't hate the modern British Cartoon Network. No, what I do hate is the modern British Boomerang. It's intended to be a classic cartoon network, and personally, I wouldn't mind them if they were to show old, or even more contemporary Cartoon Network originals. It would kind of piss me off to see a live action or modern show in there but I think if Boomerang was to show at least a bunch of old cartoons, be them from Warner Bros, MGM, Hanna-Barbera, De Patie-Freleng Enterprises, Famous Studios, or even Cartoon Network themselves then I'd be happy. The only problem? Boomerang UK has like, three classic cartoons in total that are airing at a time where its target audience are awake and watching; Two Scooby Doo cartoons, Tom & Jerry & Looney Tunes. It'll air marathons and later incarnations of these franchises mind you (the latter excuse the network is REALLY overusing), but that still leaves the fact that the amount of classic cartoons Boomerang is supposed to air can be counted on one hand. And people get angry at Cartoon Network for airing a single live-action show! The rest? Mr Bean the Animated Series? The Gafield Show? Live-Action Mr. Bean? Pink Panther and Pals? The Garfield Show? A mid-2000s series that I think the fans dislike, a modern CGI series they can just put on TWO other modern cartoon channels, something that's not a classic cartoon or even animated and a later incarnation of a classic cartoon the network won't even air! (So they'll watch Pink Panther and Pals, but not the original Pink Panther?) And say to me "Well, it would get stale if they kept on airing the same stuff over and over again", because that's exactly what they're doing with these shows and the GREAT schedule. I think the last time they aired something new was Chowder, and that was a while ago and now removed from the schedule. It's just an appalling excuse for a retro cartoon network, and it's not like we can get some of the shows they'd air on DVD over here, or on other channels (besides some Cartoon Cartoons). It's an absolute waste of potential and cartoon archives and one of the worst versions of Boomerang and classic cartoon networks in general I've ever seen (besides the Latin American Boomerang, but even then they have the Tooncast equivalent) and compared to the American Boomerang, that version seems legendary.