Reviews: AQUAMAN

Aquaman / Super Friends

Aquaman was a founding member of the Super Friends, along with Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman. He appeared on every episode, and of course was prominent in all the intros and theme music. This wasn't just a cameo - this went on from 1973 to 1986. Actually Aquaman and Superman had their own show before the Super Friends. The key thing here is 'name recognition'. Some people think his powers weren't strong enough. This article I just read goes so far as to call Aquaman's time on the Super Friends 'disasterous'. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Sure he participated mostly when water was involved; so what. He wasn't a goofball or screw-up or anything. He was very respectable. Watch clips from the show - you'll probably see Superman getting captured more often than Aquaman. Bottom line is Super Friends made Aquaman a household name.

Better Than I Expected.

Due to old Arthur Curry's presence in most media, I was a bit leery about reading the comics. I happened to pick up an issue along with other comics. When I decided to read it, It was a wonderful issue. It dealt with Aquaman dealing with the death of his son and his wife, Mera, leaving him. This issue also had Aquaman meetinh up with Martian Manhunter. At the finale of the issue, Black Manta, his arch-nemesis, appears taunting and threatening Aquaman. It ends in a cliffhanger, which made me to want to read even more. The Issue was better than I expected, and the art was well done. The lesson learned is that you never trust a book by its cover.