Reviews: Suite Pretty Cure

It's Not as Bad as Everyone Thinks It Is!

Suite Pretty Cure ♪ doesn't have the best reputation in the Pretty Cure fandom, both for good and not so good reasons, one of the not so good reasons being that everyone expected it to be like Heartcatch Precure but came out disappointed. So what if it's not Heartcatch? That doesn't make Suite automatically a bad series! Sure, Suite has its problems like a slightly flimsy story, somewhat flat characters, kooky villains, and unexplained things here and there, but it's still a relatively good and enjoyable show in its own right. The chemistry between the characters is quite realistic and down to earth, the CG is surprisingly good, the transformation sequences are a visual orgasm, the soundtrack is fantastic (come on, it's a music based series. How can the soundtrack NOT be good?!), and the story is very consistent. I think, if treated right, this show would be absolutely PERFECT to bring to America and show to little girls. They'd gobble this series up, as it has so many progressive themes, like a character who is a princess but doesn't fall into the typical princess stereotypes we've come to know over the years (won't say who due to spoilers). Don't you just wish people would stop expecting something to be what it isn't and instead appreciate what it does right and acknowledge it for what it is? It may not be the best Pretty Cure series, but it's definitely one of my personal favorites, along with Heartcatch and Splash Star. What are you waiting for?! Go watch it! It's a very cute, feel good show that really does NOT deserve all the hate it's been getting!