Reviews: Samurai Champloo

Not really sure what to make of it.

The term "faffing about" comes to mind when I think of this series. It's got a premise, a ronin and a vagrant with a sword escort a girl in search of "samurai who smells of sunflowers", a description that is so incredibly vague that I'm surprised it wasn't a more significant plot point. But Jin and Mugen seem to take the description in stride, and continue their search across Japan. At least in theory. To my memory (which is admittedly not stellar, so it's entirely possible that I'm wrong), most of the episodes had the search for the mystery samurai as a mere setting device. It's a reason they're where they are, but it's not terribly significant compared to playing baseball against ninjas. Or something. I don't know.

I couldn't for the life of me tell you what half the episodes were about. Even while watching it, towards the end I completely lost track of what was going on. Something to do with Christians. A bunch of people attack Mugen because...reasons...and Jin fights some guy he met before. Or possibly knew already. Or possibly knows about because he's famous?

And who or what is "Samurai Champloo"? Was that ever explained? I couldn't say.

The fights were interesting enough. Mugen's fighting style is one of the notable things about the series. Though Mugen himself isn't a terribly distinct character.

Also Mugen's sandals look really weird on what could otherwise pass as modern attire.

8/10. I'd recommend it. Maybe you'll get more out of it than me.