Reviews: Myself Yourself

Intriguingly Above Average

Pretty good.

Wasn't the greatest thing I've seen but it was far from the worst. One thing it has going for it though, I couldn't tell what was going to happen.

That may not seem like much but most of the time you have a fairly good idea of how things will play out, even more so if you frequent this site. But despite that, I was usually wrong. And that intrigued me. Case in point, I spent the better half of the show wondering why it was listed with a "tragedy" tag. Sure it was sombre at times, and there was a bit of Foreshadowing but it was fairly subtle, nothing obvious. Then that one episode rolls around and I stopped and went, "wait a minute…" Somewhere along the line, Myself Yourself morphed into a tragic tale. It did. What shocked me though is that even in retrospect I couldn't tell you when it started to be tragic.

Seriously. There was a point where I could say "It is definitely a tragedy now", but that wasn't the point that it became a tragedy. It's like driving home after being away for a long time. You don't really notice you're back until you realise that the next turn is your street, leaving you to wonder just how long you've been here.

To clarify though, the tragic parts were not 'added on', they were definitely foreshadowed, and very well at that, because I couldn't tell exactly what was being foreshadowed. That is the best kind of foreshadowing: when you know something is going to happen, when you have a general idea of what it is, but you don't actually know exactly what will happen. Myself; Yourself did that fairly well, in my opinion. Even better though, was that a lot of what happened in the earlier episodes took on a whole new meaning when you had seen the last ones. I won't go into details because of spoilers but that really impressed me, and that's hard to do.

Apart from those points, this anime was fairly ordinary. Don't get me wrong, it was above average (not that that's hard) but it wasn't really all that great in my opinion. It's worth the time investment, and you'll probably get something out of it, but if you don't watch it, it's not much of a loss.