Reviews: Doki Doki Precure

The Mana Aida Show

Doki Doki could have been a great series with its heavy focus on the story, but it oozes wasted potential. Characters aren't given enough development, there are plot holes galore, and there's too many deus ex machinas to count. But the series' biggest problem? The main character is a MASSIVE Mary Sue Creator's Pet who is the biggest Spotlight-Stealing Squad ever. While I'm happy they made her competent, they should have humanized her by giving her some flaws, but nope! She's good at everything, everyone worships her like God, she defeats the enemy with all her friends' powers combined, and she has everything spoon fed to her. None of the other characters get any decent development whatsoever, and she's shoehorned in EVERYTHING! Even the freakin' movie focused on her! Not only that, according to the creators, they had a boatload of ideas they wanted to include but shafted them all in favor of Mana, Mana, and Mana! And oh, look! More Mana! Jeez! The animation is rather subpar, the music is relatively decent at times, and the story is relatively good, but it falls apart because there's just too much stuffed in there. It tries to be the next Heartcatch, but it really fails. It's a pity, because it could have been a great show in its own right had the creators not made Mana the center of everything.