Reviews: Bagi The Monster Of Mighty Nature

I thought it was pretty good

When I heard that the guy who did Astro Boy directed this, I figured I'd give it a whirl. I don't regret it. Remember, this is practically the 80's, so the animation I can't compare to the stuff out nowadays, but it doesn't need to be compared to such. The story was intriguing enough for me to keep following it and not want to stop till I got to the end.

Overall, it felt...melancholy. Like some things that could've worked out well, but it didn't, because reasons. Like...a person tries to find their place in life, but still has more questions than answers at the end. And her sidekick doesn't exactly have it all worked out for him either...But there's enough humor to kinda throw that balance off, so hey. It's aight.

I don't really want to put anything else in because this is the kind of situation I say where you should just go watch the damned thing. It's better that way.

I'd watch the sequel...if it existed.

It's great! =)

I recently checked this movie out on youtube and let me tell you it was awesome!

It had the purrfect amount of seriousness of Osamu Tezuka's warning on the human race not to mess with the beauty of nature as well as some hilarious comedy thrown in there to not make it the film too sad.

...And don't even get me started on the amount of fanservice....heh-heh...

Also the characters are great!

Bagi is awesome, just a special someone trying to find her place in the world along with her friend Ryo, a guy who didn't really ask for all of this new adventure but is grateful for it anyway.

They make a great team! =)

Overall if you're looking for a heartwarming film that also teaches a very important lesson on the value of life...

Bagi the Monster of Mighty Nature is your film!

...Now if only there was a sequel...