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Reviews Comments: Good summery of my strip Vexxarr whole series review by Vexxarr

And not for baseless praise. For the persistence to read the ENTIRE RUN and then take time to list and define so carefully the tropes I had (unknowingly) employed. Touched me, actually. Thanks!


  • DocDragon
  • 5th Jun 10
you're more than welcome.
  • Vexxarr
  • 6th Dec 10
Dear God, when will it stop? I laughed out load at each summery, trope and recap. Thank you, thank you. This makes writing Vexxarr worth every minute.
  • bificommander
  • 13th Sep 11
I'm happy to hear it. This is the only trope-page I ever started, but I felt it was deserved. Although I have trouble convincing more people of this, I find Vexxarr one of the most entertaining webcomics out there. For me it's up there with the Order of the Stick, and that one... doesn't need any help with its trope page. I still feel there's a few more tropes in the comic that haven't been listed. But I'm especially impressed by how some of my favourite jokes can't be made to fit any trope that I can think of (Like Vexxarr just sending a silicoid predator out of his ship. "No, not this time!"). I think that says something about the originality of Vexxarr's style.

Here's hoping we'll be able to enjoy new Vexxarr comics for a long time to come.

  • TerminusEst13
  • 13th Sep 11
So, you're not reviewing a work (a work that is your own, anyway), but rather a trope page?

I...don't think that's how this is supposed to work.
  • Vexxarr
  • 1st Mar 12
Color me nonconformist. So...why don't YOU review Vexxarr and I can comment about THAT?

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