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Reviews Comments: Atlas Shrugged Part II - Electric Boogaloo Atlas Shrugged film/book review by maninahat

I have to applaud the tenacity of these Objectivist types. When Atlas Shrugged - Part I completely flopped, I had assumed that this would be the last we'd see of the franchise. But in a bitter irony, the producers forewent their basic Randian tenets regarding profitability and made Part II anyway. I just had to see this literal train wreck.

The most striking thing about Part II is that everyone has gone. The entire cast of the previous movie has been replaced by new actors who look nothing like the originals. I can hardly blame them for moving on, but the result is quite disconcerting. Dagny has gotten curvier, Rearden's gotten more gravelly, and the acting all around has gotten a whole lot worse. The only recognisable actors are the bald guy from CSI and Oswald from The Drew Carey Show. Splendid.

As with the previous movie, exposition is heaped on to the viewer with wild abandon. In their mission to eradicate all subtext from the film, characters explain exactly what they are doing and how they feel at any given moment. Sadly, in spite of the constant info dumping, Atlas Shrugged fails to answer those basic questions that froth up in the audience's collective minds. Questions like, "Why is the government doing all of this?" and "isn't the plot just a convenient excuse to let smug industrialists blather on about how important they are?" I guess we'll never know the answers.

A special mention should be made about the special effects, in that there aren't any. From time to time, the movie gets away from the endless succession of hotel interiors and studio sets, and we get to see such things as jet plane chases, exploding mines, steel mill catastrophes, and crashing railway trains, all lovingly recreated by Windows Movie Maker plug-in effects. I've seen more convincing special effects in Thunderbirds....wait a minute....hidden paradise...advanced technology...genius scientists, pilots and billionaires...middle-class white folk who refuse to share their brilliant inventions with the rest of mankind? Jeff Tracy is John Galt!


  • Atreides
  • 16th Jun 14
This is consistent with a Randian view of private property rights. If you use your own money (or that of voluntary contributors) to make a movie and hardly get any of it back in sales, that is fine and consistent because you can do what you like with your own money (and other's voluntary contributions). What most people would find abhorrent was if government funds were used to produce the movie (as part of some Arts Development Fund), because this is taking money away from people that earnt it and using it for things they disagree with.
  • maninahat
  • 18th Jun 14
You're right in that respect, but then again having to mooch for donations for this vanity project of a series (as they have resorted to via Kickstarter for part 3) is inconsistent with their own philosophy.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 18th Jun 14
^ Any movie that resorts to frickin' Kickstarter is not going to happen.
  • maninahat
  • 18th Jun 14
Oh, it is happening. The kickstarter raised nearly double the money required.
  • Pannic
  • 18th Jun 14
And they're changing the cast again!
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 19th Jun 14
Geeze that kickstarter is antagonistic. It's also super sleezy, the film has a production and marketing budgets of $10 million but they really needed people to give them that $250,000 or it wouldn't have happened? This is the darkside of kickstarter

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