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Reviews Comments: Did I miss something? Episode 2 How To Train Your Dragon film/book review by son

Like my review of Monsters vs. Aliens this is another movie that I think would have been more enjoyable in 3D. The visuals were already pretty decent, 3D would have made it that much more spectacular. Otherwise that plot doesn't hold up too well.

The story focuses on the a young Viking (prince?) named Hiccup. He's kind of a weakling and he spends the early half of the movie wanting to become a dragon fighter to make his father, the leader (king?) of the Vikings, proud. He successfully shoots down one of the most powerful and mysterious dragons known in their lore, the Night Fury. He has the opportunity to slay the dragon while its down but instead decides to train and rehabilitate the creature. This changes his outlook on killing dragons, just as his father was warming up to the idea him being a dragon slayer. Hiccup is an interesting case to say the least, he's not an example of the "cool loser" trope but his character still manages to be kind of a cliche "I'm different" sort of guy. I was irritated by his snarky use of sarcasm and his nasally voice. "Yeah movie we get it, this isn't your traditional viking kid... ha ha ha". The movie focuses mostly on him while introducing a few others who are mostly stock characters. The tough "jock", the action girl love interest, a D & D nerd set in the ideal timeframe, and a set of fraternal twins who constantly bicker with each other.

This isn't a bad movie. The message is good, and as I said the visual were even impressive in 2D. I just found it lacking when observing the plot alone. There were a few surprises that I won't spoil for you (even though it would be a late spoiler), where I'm surprised the film would actually go THERE (towards the end). If you're a big viking or dragons fan, go see this movie. If you have a 3D tv go see this movie. Otherwise it doesn't live up to the hype.


  • son
  • 5th Mar 13
Before I get punished for making a multi-part review. The "parts" are more like episodes.
  • doctrainAUM
  • 5th Mar 13
^I don't follow. Not that I liked that "no multipart review" rule, but rules are rules.
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 5th Mar 13
It's part 2 because he's linking it into his Monsters vs Aliens review, so that should be within the rules right? One review for each film. It might be skirting dangerous waters a little needlessly with having part 2 right in the title, but I'm pretty sure he didn't do anything wrong.

How To Train Your Dragon completely lived up to the hype for me though. I can't say when our opinions diverge so but it seems to be such a wonderously good-hearted film and in a pretty simple uncomplicated but intelligent way. Yet those aren't points, they're just adjectives. Maybe the very last scene of the film causes me to look more positively on the whole, but I think that same degree of daring and appropriateness is present in a lot of the film. In the Nostalgia Critics review of it recently he shows a two second clip of the father walking away angry from his son in the typical liar revealed scene, but you can see in the fathers expression a moment of guilt and agony at what he's going through, just for a fleeting moment with no words or emphasis. And I think its things like that that keep HTTYD powerful when another film would be boringly cliche for having the same scene
  • son
  • 7th Mar 13
@Tom With No Numbers

There is depth in the movie, but I think it could be an example of Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory if taken too far. Like I said the aftermath of the battle with the Red Death boosts the film's charisma points alone IMO. However, beyond that there doesn't seem to be much else going for it. I think I'll watch that Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker review since you brought it up though.
  • BrightLight
  • 30th Aug 15
Good review. HTTYD is quite a mediocre movie. The story and characters are rubbish, but everything else is good enough to save the film.

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