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Reviews Comments: The term 'one-trick pony' comes to mind. Slender game review by thenameisbean

Yes, Slender is creepy and atmospheric. Yes, being stalked through a dark forest by the Slender Man is a terror inducing prospect. Yes, it's pretty scary...

...the first time you play.

After I played through it a couple of times, I pretty much got the routine down. Go here, watch out for Slendy here, walk there, stay on the paths, go to the building complex first, yadda yadda yadda.

Fear comes from uncertainty. If you can fairly accurately predict what's going to happen, then it loses all of its scary factor and just gets repetitive. And Slender is very repetitive. Scattering the pages in different locations, which the game does every time, doesn't add the variety it desperately needs. And while it does get fairly tense after you've gotten most of the pages and Slendy is good and mad, it comes too late to save the weak experience. Maybe The Arrival will be better, but I'm not shelling out however much it costs to buy.

In conclusion: it's really not worth playing more than two or three times, no matter what anyone on Youtube says. Of course, if you're taking recommendations from the people that make dozens of Slender videos, you've got bigger problems.


  • VeryMelon
  • 10th Feb 13
So goddamn true, yet I couldn't help laughing at the last line.
  • Nettacki
  • 25th Feb 13
I'm sure a lot of people like it because of how scary it is the first time, and didn't really take replayability into account.
  • tsaeb
  • 8th Mar 13
You're being awfully hard on what's a very short game. You might as pick on the original Donkey Kong while you're at it.
  • AndreTheMidget
  • 9th Mar 13
There's a distinct difference in genre between Donkey Kong and Slender. Slender is based around fear, and fear comes from the unknown. The more we know about something the less we fear it because we begin to know its flaws, its procedure, what's safe to do and what isn't.
  • tsaeb
  • 17th Mar 13
Yeah, so? You're still picking on a short game that wasn't intended to be anything other than a proof of concept. Regardless, it's still a solid good. So what if you know what to expect after the first time?
  • Rahkshi500
  • 26th Mar 13
It doesn't matter if its a short game or not, that doesn't make it immune to criticism.
  • thenameisbean
  • 31st Mar 13
I agree that Slender is a solid proof of concept. However, it's nothing more than that. I'd rather not get into an argument about what qualifies something as an actual 'game', but Slender just doesn't have enough substance.

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