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Reviews Comments: Decent game for rental, don't buy full price. Dm C Devil May Cry game review by Captain Slag

Alright, it's no mystery that this game has been getting a lot a flack for changes in gameplay and story, I wasn't intending on playing as soon as I did but I decided to borrow it off a friend and give it a fair shake.

The gameplay isn't very changed in terms of general combat besides the new controls and more accessible combos and making it easier to switch weapons on the fly. Difficulty is one change that DMC veterans will notice right away as the game has been more or less slightly watered down and bosses don't put up nearly as much fight as in previous titles and this makes it's way throughout the game to the Very last boss with simple attack patterns and parry being your best friend in the fights.

Devil trigger in this game is slightly reminiscent of Witch time from Bayonetta, Dante slows time down to a crawl and launches all on screen enemies off the ground, during this time you can pull off some air combos or drag them back down for some ground combos, all of which grant you bonuses to your Style meter while you slowly regain health. In a pinch this is very useful especially against some of the more annoying enemies later on that rely on using the weaker foes as a distraction while they get a good hit or two at you.

Visuals are nice for Unreal Engine 3, Only complaint I have about them is that the shadowing and lighting on characters and objects throughout the game look off from time to time.

Now onto the story, there's not much to cover here as anyone familiar with this games pre-release hype or hate knows about it, Thankfully Dante is not as swear happy or cocky as they made him out to be in pre-release trailers and he gets some decent character development along the way, Only true character I had issues with in the story is Vergil which is funny because he seemed to be the most interesting character here. He does nothing worthwhile after restoring Dante's memories besides barking orders at you and continues this until the penultimate segment of the game.

In the end, it's not up to standards set by it's predecessors (and it's fans) in terms of difficulty but it's still good fun if you want something to kill the time.


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