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Reviews Comments: Rosario Plus Vampire: Okay manga, HORRIBLE anime Rosario To Vampire whole series review by d Galloway

Rosario plus Vampire is, well, one of those series. It's a straight-up Harem, complete with Comedic Sociopathy, Wish Fulfillment, and of course, mountains upon mountains of nugget-filled Fan Service. Only this time, all the girls are Cute Monster Girls, the winning girl is chosen immediately and adhered to throughout, and the protagonist eventually stops being a wimpy Everyman and starts kicking ass. Unless you're talking about the anime.

The story begins with Tsukune, a completely average student, enrolling in the last high school he can get into. Unfortunately, said school is for teaching monsters how to blend in with humans, and if Tsukune is found out, he will be killed. Shortly after arriving, he meets Moka, a dim-witted vampire addicted to his blood, and becomes a virtually-unstoppable badass when her rosary is removed. From there, his harem expands to include Kurumu (a succubus), Yukari (a loli witch), Ruby (an older witch), and Mizore (a snow woman). The second season adds Kokoa, Moka's slightly psychotic younger sister. Unless you're talking about the anime.

So, what is it that really separates Rosario from the thousands of other such series? The plot. The series quickly dumps the harem structure in favor of long, character-driven story arcs. The girls are not just window dressing; they actually grow and develop as characters, and unlike so many similar manga, are all equally sympathetic. The only problem I had with this approach is the MASSIVE Arc Fatigue at the end of Season One. Fortunately, Season Two greatly improved on just about everything. Especially the Mizore arc. Unless you're talking about the anime.

Yeah, there was a two-season anime. It sucks. The writers took the first two chapters, threw out everything that came after, and instead turned it into one of the most fanservicey anime in recent memory. Where the manga dropped the "hiding your humanity" point pretty early, the anime keeps it through the whole run. The only two story arcs it does adapt suffer from massive Adaptation Decay. The second season adds Kokoa... and proceeds to fuck her character up beyond recognition. It's like a reversion to the late 1990s.

In closing: try the manga, stay away from the anime.


  • Morven
  • 2nd May 10
I never did try the anime, having seen similar warnings and not being very good at concentrating on watching TV anyway.

On the other hand, everything you say about the manga is spot-on. This one takes what are very stereotypical story elements and makes something quite special out of it.
  • mjnousak
  • 10th Jun 10
I agree as well. The manga is infinitely better. The anime is nothing but fanservice and little plot.
  • AJC46
  • 8th Aug 10
i for one don't think the anime is a total lost there are some moments where it's really god damn funny (i seriously could not stop laughing at the idea of Curry Zombies) but i do agree with everyone else in that the anime is a wasted moment i for one would loved to have seen Tsukune's manga ghoul form awaking animated.
  • sabrina_diamond
  • 26th Oct 10
I like the manga, it is interesting :D
  • GoldenAlex
  • 2nd May 11
The anime [[Discontinuity NEVER HAPPENED]]!
  • EmbracingShadows
  • 25th Jul 11
All valid points. The series does start off rather shakily, but after the first few volumes it manages to break free of the formulaic feel that has ruined many series which at a glance seemed to have far greater potential. The characters are more appealing and the plot is better than most people give them credit for, and they rarely feel contrived (at least, no more so than any other shonen series), and the result is surprisingly distinctive and unique. The only problem I have is that the anime sucked (though it did have a few funny moments and the voice actors weren't bad), which means that I cannot recommend it to some of my friends who watch anime but don't read manga.
  • HMSaph
  • 16th Jul 12
I completely agree. The anime SUCKS MAJOR BLUE WHALE BALLS!!! It is only to be watched by pedophiles and perverts. Everybody, heed this good review and read the manga, for your sake and for God's sake.
  • seg162
  • 13th Sep 12
Let's pretend that the anime is like the ninth season of Scrubs.

Wait, what are we talking about? There's no ninth season of Scrubs.
  • halkz92
  • 25th Jul 13
Despite the flaws, I freakin love the manga. At last a harem series that doesn't make me want to groan, even though it is becoming a harem series determined to undermine itself. Tsukune is also awesome even if he can come off as a naive dumbass, but considering who he has following him, I think would gladly keep my insults to myself. Can't wait for Studio Bones or Madhouse to remake this series.

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