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Reviews Comments: Why do people like this? Twilight whole series review by Lucyinthe Skywith Diamonds

There are a lot of problems with Twilight(Unfortunate Implications, Mary Sue etc.), but people have gone over them elsewhere.

I think my problem lies in the wasted potential this story has. The world and a lot of the characters in it have the potential to be really interesting. The problem is, the story focuses on the love story between Bella and Edward. This drags down the entire story. This is also why I like Twilight fanfiction more than the actual book.

I honestly would have liked this series if it focused on someone else. Meyer gives enough backstory on her characters to make the idea of a story about them more interesting than the actual plot of the book.


  • JobanGrayskull
  • 17th Jan 13
The great mystery of our time. I can understand why people like Fifty Shades, because at least there's sex.

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