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Reviews Comments: I loved it The Hobbit film/book review by Tom With No Numbers

but I can understand most the things that people don't love about it. This is a film that is a lovely and enjoyable experience if you want to love it for what it is and take it as a 1/3 of a 9 hour film taking each thing as they come. As such I don't really want to analyse but talk about the things I love if you're in the mind to love the film.

It's a beautiful film, full of big landscapes and comfy little ones and I like that they included the songs and made them sound right. I came out humming them and each song represents a perfect little moment. I like that the music itself is a mix of old and new, using themes that we recognise from the Lord of the Rings to convey meaning and new gentler music to display the new tone of this trilogy.

Most of all I love that tone. It's not quite the Hobbit, to me it feels like the Hobbit if it had been written after Lord of the Rings, its light and friendly and comfy but also has more importance and drama than the Hobbit did.

I love the changes. Literature is littered with the corpses of people who tried to imitate Lord of the Rings and I feel confident that no-one has ever successfully copied Tolkien since. But the Hobbit was more normal and a writing style shared by many, it was impossible to drastically change Loto R but the Hobbit isn't inviolate. And when you know that Jackson adds, removes and changes things with a fairly simple line of reasoning, it becomes part of the fun to predict and understand each change. I'm proud that I successfully guessed he would change the bit with the troll, because after setting the dwarves as competent fighters it would have been against the flow to have them bagged by trolls. And in the film it's too early for Bilbo to be the hero and to be accepted and to become competent. I loved that the dwarves had personalities, that Thorin was such a strong character here (naturally all the actors, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage in particular were incredible) and that we could see that Fili and Kili were fighters and wanderers, but not warriors in the way Thorin and Dwalin were. I loved the attention to Moria and the backstory.

The only addition I didn't like was Saruman and Gladriel. I think thats because they're character of Lot OR imbued with Tolkiens special weight and rewritten here they become inane and comic in order.

Can't wait for all three!


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