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Reviews Comments: Surprisingly Solid My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic whole series review by district12trib

I was...reluctant to watch My Little Pony. I hated everything about the franchise since I was a kid, how was it going to be different now? Well, my best friend made me watch the first episode, and honestly it was no dice at first, then Nightmare Moon showed up. This show is pretty interesting, its far from the best thing I've ever watched, but in a world of general sadness its nice to be able to watch something and just be able to smile. Not to mention there is just an interesting mix of episodes, from dealing with general bullies and school work to dealing with gods of chaos.

As for the individual seasons I would say the first is solid, the second seems like its trying a bit to hard to pander to the bronies, and the third season is probably the best.


  • Trialman
  • 28th Dec 12
Simple review. But it says what it wants to, which is good. Although I personally think the third season is the one that's pandering to the bronies.

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