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Reviews Comments: A Fun Film Rurouni Kenshin film/book review by Silver Wings

I recently had the privilege of seeing this movie on an international flight from Tokyo to Atlanta, and I have to say, it was very impressive. I was a big fan of the anime when I was younger and it was on its original Toonami run. The sets were detailed, vibrant, and true to the setting. The actors didn't look like cosplayers, but what the characters would look like if they were real. (Besides Sagara. He's the only one they didn't nail perfectly.) The acting is also very fitting for the characters. The action is very fluid and realistic besides, what is a problem for me but something I'm aware is a steeple of samurai and martial art films, the impossible leaps through the air that Himura does. This isn't just an anime film turned live action, but a legitimate samurai/martial arts film in its own right that is as loyal to the source material as the medium would allow.

My only problems? Sagara and how they didn't include Himura's Verbal Tic, that they didn't.


  • blackirisballoon
  • 8th Feb 13
Actually they did include Kenshin's verbal tic. Perfectly in fact. His verbal tics in the Japanese dubs and the Manga are usages of the words "Oro", the "de gozaru" verb form, and the honorific "-dono". The English dubbed anime couldn't exactly replicate these(plus, its a huge pain to match the mouth flaps for these) so they went with the quirky "that I/he/she do/don't/does/doesn't"

I agree with you that this was an incredibly well-made movie that I continue to enjoy even as I watch it for the 20th+ time. I admit that casting Sanosuke could have gone better, but you have to give him credit for acting exactly like he would in the manga.

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