Reviews Comments: Don't Even Bother...just don't.

Don't Even Bother...just don't.
I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for putting this out here, but I am anyway: There are no likeable characters in this story. You may think you like one character or the other, but at one point, you realize-you don't. They're boring, bland, and too many of them. Furthermore, the "chat logs"...holy crap, where to begin with them? The logs are most certainly the least fun way to reveal a plot point. Don't get me wrong, I like reading, but when I have to slog through several lines worth of moronic dialogue which doesn't even have to do with the plot itself, it gets tedious. I could have more fun reading my Grandma's text messages. Or maybe reading 700 birthday cards in one sitting. Sure, there's pretty music and funny dialogue in some places, but, seriously-when I have to slog through a bland chapter with one character in hopes of an important plot point surfacing and it changes characters abruptly? No, Also, the minigames? Why even bother having a score for these pointless thrown-together bits of Flash? Once you go to the next "page", your score is all for naught. This lost momentum fast and now it's at a boring standstill, flat characters who do nothing but stand around, and make "funny" inside jokes and references is not fun. It's boring. And it gets old really, really fast. In short, if you want to be so bored and utterly confused that your mind may actually leak out of your ears, then yes, this game is for you. But, if you want to keep your sanity and keep your computer un-punched, then no, absolutely not. This game ends up being an elaborate waste of time.


I was going to debate your opinions before realizing that would be wrong. Then I noticed that you called Homestuck a "game", which is just bizarre.
comment #17243 doctrainAUM 14th Dec 12
What was I supposed to call it? Some people say "No! It's a game!" and other people say "No stupid! It's a comic!" So, I don't know...
comment #17244 pselk 14th Dec 12
Given that it's located in the webcomic namespace, and everybody but a few die-hards refer to it as a webcomic, I'd go with that.
comment #17245 doctrainAUM 14th Dec 12
Fair enough. I'm tired and grumpy, gimme a break. :P
comment #17246 pselk 14th Dec 12
Agree to disagree. I'm already in Act 6, and except for a few minor complaints here and there I'm still enjoying it.
comment #17247 llawliet 14th Dec 12
I just checked, the only minigame I remember with a "high score" function sends it to an off-site leaderboard, so it's anything but "all for naught".
comment #17265 Medinoc 15th Dec 12
But ask yourself this: Will anyone even bother to look at the leaderboard if it's not right there in their face?
comment #17266 pselk 15th Dec 12
It's right there as you save your high score. That's the best moment to compare your score to the others.
comment #17323 Medinoc 18th Dec 12
I played it after playing the VN Katawa Shoujo, so it felt like the same type of mindless reading and clicking.
comment #17362 NegiSpringfield 20th Dec 12
"You may think you like one character or the other, but at one point, you realize-you don't."

I see. I was under the impression that I liked the characters (perhaps some more than others), but thanks to your review I have realized that I (along with the thousands of other people who read the comic) don't. I mean, I figured I would know if I liked a certain character or not, but apparently someone I don't even know has a better grasp on my opinion than I do. Thanks!
comment #17382 animenutcase 23rd Dec 12
With all the negative comments on here, I guess I should post a positive one. I agree with the character thing. Every time I went "Hey, this character may actually be half-way decent!" they suddenly changed to a new character, or said character did something so utterly moronic that I lost interest.

Also, the kudzu plot. I loathe the kudzu plot. I think it was around that rather pointless "The kids' guardians combined their DNA, and John clones them all!" (Or whatever was going on there. It's been a while, and I've completely given up on following the plot) The kudzu plot in general is a trope that just needs to die. It's messy, lazy story-telling, and it's no better here.

I also agree on the humor. I never found it funny, and sometime after Act 5 I just started skipping the chatlogs all together. I really don't want to slog through swear-laden high-school humor in the hopes that some of it might actually tie into a plot that's far too sprawling and disjointed to be enjoyable.

I do like the music bits, though. I pay attention to those. Even though I hardly know what's going on anymore. Not that I knew what was going on before, because the author apparently doesn't care for tight, well-written plotting.

And I'm sure to be attacked for this, but ah well. It's nice to vent every now and then.
comment #17412 BaronessSamedi 26th Dec 12
When will people learn that dictating what other people should think and feel is condescending and bad style? Good thing is that, like the "Don't Read Homestuck" one, it's right in the title, so you already know that you shouldn't expect much.
comment #17712 Nyarly 16th Jan 13
Not to mention pretty much telling us that we're definitely "going to dislike these characters".
comment #17713 kay4today 16th Jan 13
I know right? I for one like pretty much every character in homestuck.
comment #21427 Eyorecomedy 8th Oct 13
  • Homestuck* sorry.
comment #21428 Eyorecomedy 8th Oct 13
The chat logs are the biggest problem with homestuck. If Hussie had to draw a panel for every bit of dialogue he had the characters exchange the entire comic would be better. Why you might ask?

Well chats would be shorter and focus more on the point of said conversation. It would make the comic and easier read and not a slog of rainbow hues. Maybe we'd have less dumb characters.
comment #23068 lionday 1st Feb 14

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